Dispensary 700 Tappan Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Frank R. Simon, Court Appointed Receiver is pleased to offer the opportunity for buyers to purchase a dispensary business located in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, across from University of Michigan. The dispensary enjoyed a steady business until it was closed in mid-January 2023 and is now ready for purchaser with a new vision to reopen its doors and reinvigorate the business. The dispensary has two licenses from the State of Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency and limited inventory, which will need to be refreshed and expanded by the purchaser.

The dispensary is located in a cozy historic building, with approximate 1,449 sq ft of space, combined between the first and second floor. The location is the draw for this dispensary, as it is within walking distance of downtown Ann Arbor and adjacent to the University of Michigan.

The dispensary business is being offered for sale (real property is being leased).  If you are interested in touring the dispensary please contact Tricia Mink at (248) 720-0290 or tmink@simonattys.com.

The sale of the dispensary is being overseen by the Washtenaw County Circuit Court in Case No. 2021-000676-CB, which appointed the Receiver.

As Is / Where Is

Receiver is selling the business “AS IS”, “WHERE IS” and “WITH ALL FAULTS” and specifically and expressly without reliance on any warranties, representations or guarantees, whether express, implied or statutory, of any kind, nature, or type whatsoever from or on behalf of Receiver.

Confidentiality Non-Reliance Statement

The Receiver has limited information relating to the dispensary business, which is available to interested bidders, upon the receipt of a fully executed Confidentiality / Non-Reliance Agreement. Please contact Tricia Mink at (248) 720-020 or tmink@simonattys.com to obtain a copy of the Confidentiality / Non-Reliance Agreement.

No property information will be released to any interested purchaser without receipt of a fully executed Confidentiality / Non-Reliance Agreement.

This offering memorandum and the information being provided by the Receiver has been prepared to provide summary, unverified physical information to prospective purchasers of the business, and to establish only a preliminary level of interest in the business. The information provided by the Receiver and contained herein is not a substitute for a thorough due diligence investigation and the Receiver makes no warranty or representation as to the income and expenses of the business, the future projected financial performance of the business, the size and square footage of the property the business is located in, the presence or absence of contaminating substances, PCBs or asbestos, the compliance with local, state and federal regulations and the physical condition of the improvements thereon. All interested purchasers must take appropriate measures to verify all of the information set forth herein and provided by the Receiver.  Interested purchasers shall be responsible for their costs and expenses of investigating the business and information provided.


Exterior Photographs