About Frank R. Simon

At Simon PLC, Frank R. Simon oversees the Receivership Team. Simon has extensive experience as an articulate litigator, assignee, receiver and counsel for receivers in civil, family and criminal cases. He is particularly skilled at obtaining resolutions to complex cases that involve real property, personal property and taxes. Simon’s expertise in management, finance, banking, insolvency and real estate are especially beneficial on cases that involve the operation of closed or ongoing business concerns. As managing member of Simon PLC since its founding in 1998, Simon has garnered extensive experience in a wide range of receivership scenarios.

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Need Receivership Support?

You’ve just been appointed receiver. Now what? Acting as receiver can be a daunting task, especially if you’re entering into an industry with which you have limited experience. With decades of experience acting as a court-appointed receiver, the Team at Simon PLC is in a unique position to provide support–whether it’s administrative, accounting, legal, staffing, property management, consulting–to newly appointed receivers. As receiver, you may need assistance running day-to-day operations, negotiating liens, reviewing contracts, assessing real estate, evaluating assets and other tasks essential to reclaiming as much of the debt as possible; Simon PLC can assist you with your receivership duties to ensure the job is completed expertly and efficiently.

Creditor Support

Simon has identified, seized or secured and liquidated real and personal assets to satisfy creditors. This includes liquidating a medical practice with six offices, overseeing management of a 1.5 million square-foot shopping center and recovering a $500,000 insurance claim from theft at a shopping plaza.


Simon manages the ongoing business concerns of receivership or assignment estates such as apartment buildings, gas stations, grocery stores, storage centers, commercial and industrial buildings, restaurants and bars, doctor’s offices, bowling alleys and golf courses.

Real Estate

Simon has negotiated and drafted documents and contracts for real and personal property sales and listings, as well as resolve tax, construction, fraudulent transfers and mortgage lien litigation.

Family Law

Receivership can be an extremely effective tool to implement in sensitive areas such as recovering child and spousal support, marital assets, and similar collection and collateral needs in the Family Division of the courts.