Experienced & Diverse

Our experienced and diverse team provides professional and accurate service while meeting or exceeding all client and servicer required deadlines and guidelines.  Our team is trained in and aware of all client specific needs and compliance mandates and has a procedure for monitoring and implementing new client directives.  Above all, our team strives to make communication with clients our number one priority.

Timely and Efficient

With a focus on timelines and efficiencies, our Team will meet or exceed your milestone expectations as we understand the need to keep inventory moving through your processes. Our clients can be confident that we are familiar with GSE guidelines as well as the requirements imposed by FHA and VA as it relates to their default portfolios. We have implemented exception reporting and strict compliance policies to ensure that requirements such as bankruptcy and military searches are completed timely and within client and investor guidelines.Our litigation credentials are an added benefit to our clients as we are able to competently handle any contested issues that may arise from a foreclosure or eviction proceeding without the need to retain additional managing counsel.

Outside of our robust foreclosure practice, we provide comprehensive services for all defaulted loans, including but not limited to.