Cynthia I. Brody

Cynthia Brody served for over fifteen years as Senior Counsel at a national bank.She has represented clients in a variety of practice areas with an emphasis on commercial lending and real estate transactions.Cynthia’s reputation and talents demonstrate that she is the “go to” attorney for a broad range of commercial lending transactions on the lending side, including loan negotiations, risk assessment, due diligence, security interests, mortgages, collateral, and comprehensive loan documentation of multiple loan products. Her range of experience also crosses over to loan workouts wherein Cynthia has experience and talents in loan document review, identification of legal implications in existing documents, correction of title and priority problems, and coordination with litigators. Her comprehensive background with in-house colleagues has also established her exceptional talents in providing support on policy and practices, coordination with private bankers and their clients, as well as direct interaction with executive leadership Team of financial institutions.

• Special Assets
• Article 9 and Security Interests
• Default Servicing & Foreclosure
• Financial Services and Transactional Group

• Commercial Loan Documentation
• Real Estate and Secured Transactions
• Due Diligence and Risk Assessment
• Correction of Title and Priority Problems
• Coordination with Private Bankers

• Evictions
• Defaulted Land Contracts
• Partnership/Joint Venture Disputes
•Corporate/LLC formation